The Vredefort Dome - World Heritage Site 

What makes the Dome so Special? Is it the Mountain Land and the breath taking view of the Vaal River flowing throw the Dome?

This spectacular landscape has so much to offer, with a 300 km wide impact structure you can go Rock climbing, mountain biking, river rafting, hot ear ballooning and much much more.

The Vredefort Dome is not just for the adrenalin junky but also for the romantic and the relaxing type. The original Crater impact size was about 100 km wide and 40 km deep, but over the years of erosion, the crater size has collapsed to a size of 300 km wide and 10 km deep, the dome structure extending as far as Johannesburg in the northeast direction and to welkom in the southwest direction. 

The Vredefort Dome has a lot of history attached to it, like the Anglo-Boer War when General Christiaan de Wet made use of his Surroundings to trick the British troops, and cultural history, the Tswane people that lived in the dome area for many many years, making use of its natural resources. 

Self-Drive Routes: Explore the Dome on your own, or get a Tour Gide to help you explore the Dome.